ReviewTracker is the repository for acclaims information and the technical specifications of the wine. Review information can be automatically downloaded into email to be broadcast to distributors, sales representatives, or consumers as instant marketing tools.

ReviewTracker uses technical information entered by users about the wines in combination with the information from reviews and acclaims to produce reports, notifications and work orders. All the reviews can be viewed from a single web based report. Notifications to distributors with acclaims information can be sent to distributors along with work orders for the creation of marketing materials.

  • Sends email notifications to distributors with acclaims
  • Displays Acclaims information based on publication, rank or brand
  • Generates work orders instantly for tasks including best press, case cards, advertisements, shelf talkers, tasting brochures and more
  • Stores technical information about the wine
  • Interfaces with BottleTracker
  • Stores all information about review including the quality of the review

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