Deployment and Support


WineTracker Inc. makes deployment of our software suite for wineries of any size an easy process by teaming up one of our Client Representatives with the experts from your organization.

WineTracker Client Representative

All WineTracker clients are assigned a Client Representative immediately after a contract has been executed. Your Client Representative will walk you through the initial setup of the application and provide support as you begin to use the software for bottling. These tasks include items such as:

  • Bottling Task Settings
  • User Settings
  • Department Settings
  • Signing up your existing Vendors that are not currently in VendorTracker
  • Design Documents
  • Initial Bottling Events
  • Initial Purchase Orders

Your WineTracker Client Rep will be with you for the life of your contract. Once the system has been fully implemented and proven successful over several bottling events he or she will still be available for support via email.


There are 4 main avenues for obtaining support when you require technical assistance, general help, or requesting a new feature.

  1. WineTracker Community - All WineTracker clients and certified Vendors are automatically registered on our public Social Networking website. Here you can link up with your peers, create user groups, ask questions, and join in the community.
  2. WineTracker Support Forums - WineTracker clients and certified Vendors have access to additional support forums that our general registered users do not see. These are monitored by WineTracker Inc. staff for questions and also updated when new features are added, software bugs are resolved, and when new modules are being developed and beta tested.
  3. WineTracker Help Desk
  4. WineTracker Client Representative

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